1/255 Riley St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Head Contractor: Amicus Interiors
Size: 310 sqm
Photographer: Jude Watson

Rapid growth within the Australian sector meant that tech firm Adyen were seeking to relocate into a purpose-built office that reflected their start-up origins. A fantastic light filled, warehouse space was successfully secured and a brief was defined to embrace the natural architecture of the tenancy.

The young, typically millennial workforce drove the need for an array of work modes including smaller individual phone booths, a formal boardroom and an open plan lounge area. The aesthetic brief looked to celebrate the existing timber floor and resulted in whites and bleached timbers providing a backdrop for the ironbark boards. The space maintains a professional outlook by tapping into minimal detailing and finishes selection, yet the open, communal planning encourages a much warmer, social interaction.