Krispy Kreme

Multiple sites

Head Contractor: N/A
Size: 310 sqm
Photographer: N/A

In today’s hyper connected world ideas and styles are constantly shared, tweaked and copied around the globe. In answering this brief, we wanted to provide a design that addressed the challenges laid out by our client and the tenancy rather than simply harnessing current trends. We took the brands core colour palette and unashamedly applied it within the space. The “doughnut glaze” square tiles provide just enough background texture to avoid sterility allowing the attractive product to be the hero of the design.

Colourful light from the neon sprinkles bounces off the walls to give the store depth and layering and the perforated mesh around the shopfront references the brands iconic packaging.  Details like the curved counter underside, bullnose detailing to the booth seating and cube coffee signage all subtly re-enforce a retro feel and speak directly to the brands history ultimately delivering a truly unique, brand centric design response.