Fairfax and Roberts

19 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Head Contractor: UNITA

Size: 300 sqm

Photographer: Steve Brown

Fairfax & Roberts are Australia’s oldest jewellery house that specialise in creating custom jewellery and wedding rings, a service provided by their in house master craftsmen. The beautiful art deco tenancy has served them well for a number of years however new ownership meant a shift in the brands direction to a more contemporary approach. The brands heritage played a major role in the design brief which required us to acknowledge its history whilst re-imagining the shop floor to appeal to the current market.

Overly ornate display cases were replaced with simple clean lines that disappear into the background allowing the product to be the focus of the store. To maximise impact pieces are displayed in a handful of large, brightly lit units that visually engage clients upon entry. Most of the design input went into the display units and service desks with the inherent architecture left largely in-tact. Key heritage pieces including chandeliers and a grandfather clock were also retained to retain the brand sense of antiquity giving the space a fine blend of charm and modern day luxury.